[SDL] SDL_ttf pixel wrapping bug?

Huib-Jan Imbens hj at imbens.nl
Thu Sep 26 12:08:00 PDT 2002

> Thank you for for posting your insights. I've noticed
> this problem for normal fonts as well, not just
> italics. Do you believe it is the same problem for
> both?

Yes, the problem is not related to whether a font is italic. What matters is
the left bearing of the first character. If it is negative the problem will

> > Of course this is a dirty hack. Besides it is not
> > completely correct because the entire text will now
> > be offset a few pixels to the right (the same
> > number of pixels that you saw on the right side of
> > the text).

> Does this mean that the disappearing vertical line on
> 'g' will become worse?

No, the problem with the 'g' is probably a problem with the font itself.
Creating good hints for a font is very difficult.
It is very unlikely that this would be a bug in SDL_ttf.c.


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