[SDL] SDL_ttf pixel wrapping bug?

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Thu Sep 26 11:54:01 PDT 2002

On Thu, Sep 26, 2002 at 09:00:49AM -0700, Eric Wing wrote
[to the fellow who posted a patch]:
> Thank you for for posting your insights. I've noticed
> this problem for normal fonts as well, not just
> italics. Do you believe it is the same problem for
> both?

I've also tested with "AUGIE___.ttf" font
(from emerald city fontwerks: www.speakeasy.org/~ecf )

It is not italic, but the letter 't' (lowercase) has the same
'wrapping' issue.

> Does this mean that the disappearing vertical line on
> 'g' will become worse? 

Note that the 'g' issue happens no matter _where_ it is in
the string.

If it does get worse, then, I'm guessing it will only get worse
when it's on the far right.  (The wrapping issue happens at the
'string' level, not the character level.  Again, see my bug screenshot:
http://www.sonic.net/~nbs/sdlttfbug.gif )

As to what the problem is with the 'g', I'm not sure it's related.
(e.g., the far-right vertical part that's "disappearing" doesn't
appear on the far left.  See:  http://www.sonic.net/~nbs/sdlttfgbug.gif )


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