[SDL] DirectX 7?

paul at theV.net paul at theV.net
Thu Sep 26 07:47:01 PDT 2002

On Thu, Sep 26, 2002 at 09:11:59AM -0400, Patrick McFarland wrote:
> depends on the size of the surface, and the max size of the texture the
> card can support. Obviously you cant fit 640x480 on a 256x256 texture, so
> you have to split it up.

I see what you mean now. But if textures are properly managed, i.e.,
multiple surfaces may reside in one square texture, and if vertice 
are sorted according to textures, I see no big issue in a real
world 2D game of doing it with GL or D3D backend. After all, it is
not only just the background that gets painted on the screen. If it
is a scrolling background that needs update every frame, chances are
it is using tiles.

> > > AGP wasnt ment to handle that. Try using OpenGL mode with ZSNES. Its slow
> > > as hell. It was a bad idea what Microsoft did, and I dont think anyone
> > > realizes that. You obviously dont.
> > 
> > In my own experiment, the test/testsprite.c runs 4x faster when I 
> > ported it over to OpenGL and use texture as surfaces. Or maybe I
> > am just another guy use Nvidia cards??
> No, what Im talking about is make the whole final surface first, THEN upload
> it to opengl textures. thats what directdraw does with d3d.

Oh, really? That is probably something we want to avoid ;-)


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