[SDL] DirectX 7?

Patrick McFarland unknown at panax.com
Thu Sep 26 05:33:00 PDT 2002

Yeah, I ment Pentium I. (Though, technically, its two different processor 
generations, 54 which was without mmx, and 55c, which had mmx) BTW, someone
told me that ppros might not be able to use DX8 either.

On 26-Sep-2002, Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> > No, thats wrong. 3D accelerator or not, its slower, and often not smart for
> > other reasons. DirectX 8 has serious issues (cant run on 486s or Pentiums or
> > K6s), DirectDraw is basically shot, and Win95 users cant install it (Microsoft,
> > due to not supporting it, added in a check to prevent that from happening
> > (money grubbing bastards))
> By Pentium does this mean Pentium I? They're still around.
> I can confirm that my Windows OS is Win95. It was still supplied on new
> PCs as recently as summer 1998, and thus is still in common use. Thus I
> would add my vote for Directx8 to be avoided.
> Nick
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