[SDL] DirectX 7?

Patrick McFarland unknown at panax.com
Thu Sep 26 05:30:59 PDT 2002

SDL 1.x might not be maintained. Or, in kernel terms, it will be taken out of
stable, and put into maintaince. Which means, to get any of the newer stuff,
you have to use SDL 2. This especially makes sense if you have a game where
everything can be turned off, and ran on an ancient pentium, but everything
turned on needs some 300mhz 686. Loosing backwards compat isnt exactly bad, but
loosing a large chunk of target platforms is.

On 26-Sep-2002, Matthijs Hollemans wrote:
> [DirectX 8 not suitable for SDL 2.0]
> So what's the big deal? If you want to write a (2D) game that runs
> on low-end and older machines, use the SDL 1.x branch. No one is
> forcing you to use SDL 2.x. (Unless, of course, having 2.x means
> that the 1.x branch is no longer maintained with bug fixes and
> such.)
> Now, I know next to nothing about SDL 2.0, but I was under the
> impression that it was going to be a total rewrite. A kick-ass game
> toolkit that takes advantage of the latest and greatest features
> available. If that is truly the case, then obviously it should use
> DirectX 8. But I am not Sam, so I may be mistaken about this.
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