[SDL] DirectX 7?

Patrick McFarland unknown at panax.com
Thu Sep 26 03:18:07 PDT 2002

No, thats wrong. 3D accelerator or not, its slower, and often not smart for
other reasons. DirectX 8 has serious issues (cant run on 486s or Pentiums or
K6s), DirectDraw is basically shot, and Win95 users cant install it (Microsoft,
due to not supporting it, added in a check to prevent that from happening
(money grubbing bastards))

Because of this, DX8 is not suitable for 2D games. And thusly, its not suitable
for SDL 2.0 as well. DX7 is, but really, we probably could get away with doing
something like build multiple drivers (one that does DX7 and one that does DX3,
so we dont have to kick out NT4 users (Unless Sam puts his foot down and says
NT4 is dead)) out of one set of code, but have it enable DX7 specific functions
when building the DX7 portion (this works due to the fact that DX is massivly
backwards compat)

So, yeah, if you wanna basically screw everyone that has an old machine (but
one that is perfect for playing 2D games) and everyone that doesnt run 
Win98/ME or Win2k/XP, yeah, go ahead and use DX8. But I specifically Sam wishes
to piss off around 2/5ths of the SDL userbase.

On 25-Sep-2002, Neil Griffiths wrote:
> Hiya,
> NB> Not for 2D graphics it isn't.
> It is if you have a 3D accelerator. Otherwise I'd agree.
> Neil.
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