[SDL] SDL_ttf pixel wrapping bug?

Eric Wing ewing2121 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 25 23:00:01 PDT 2002

Yeah, I've been having this same problem and I posted
this same question about a month and a half ago.
Unfortunately, I haven't seen any solutions and I
haven't tracked down the source of the problem yet.

I've produced this problem with both SDL_ttf 1.x and
2.x, so I'm skeptical it's a Freetype problem (because
1.x was Freetype 1, and 2.x is Freetype 2).

I get the problem with the bundled "showfont" and
"glfont" programs. I often use times.ttf and arial.ttf
that comes with Windows.

Most of my programs are OpenGL based so my SDL 2D
experience is limited to the "showfont" program.
However, in 3D (and it still might be true for 2D) is
that the magnitude of the problem seems to vary
somewhat based on different hardware. The problem
seems less pronounced on Nvidia based video cards on
PCs, and have noticed it more on ATI and Matrox,
espeically in Linux. The problem is really pronounced
on my Mac running OSX.2 with an ATI Rage128.

If anybody has a solution, please post it as I'm still
dying to know.


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