[SDL] Mac Os X and SDL_mixer

Nicholas Mastronarde gopher1214 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 25 03:18:01 PDT 2002

--- tigital <tigital at mac.com> wrote:
> >Is there a trick to using sdl image in os x? I've
> installed the 
> >framework and I add it to my project with the
> default settings, but 
> >when I  #include "SDL_image.h" it says it cannot
> find SDL_image.h... 
> >Can anyone here help?
> ...try using:
> #include "SDL_image/SDL.image.h"
> ...works for me!
> l8r,
> jamie

I just tried that with SDL_mixer and it works (one
small difference was that I used
"SDL_mixer/SDL_mixer.h").  I ran into another problem,
however.  Now that SDL_mixer.h is being compiled I get
62 identical parse errors.  One error for each
function prototype.  Example:  

/* This function gets the version of the dynamically
linked SDL_mixer library.
   it should NOT be used to fill a version structure,
instead you should
   use the MIX_VERSION() macro.
extern DECLSPEC const SDL_version * SDLCALL

this prototype gives me a "parse error before `('
token."  Every prototype after this does the same

Does anybody know what could be wrong?  Any help would
be appreciated.

Thank you,

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