[SDL] Re: SDL/win32 incompatible with fprintf(stderr,...) atexit?

Alexis ihate at fucking.spam
Mon Sep 23 09:06:01 PDT 2002

I also had this behavior under win32 using MSVC. The linker wasn't using the
proper .lib files.
To fix this i had to setup my VC project so that it only uses 'Multithreaded
DLL' as runtime library. (project > settings > C/C++ tab > category = 'Code
Generation' > Use Run-tiem libary = Multithreaded DLL)

hope that helps.


"Thomas Harte" <ThomasHarte[at@]lycos.co.[united kingdom]> a écrit dans le
message de news: amij8g$1f1t$1 at hoth.stenstad.net...
> The title more or less gives my question away. I am trying to use SDL with
> another library, which is in the habit of fprintf'ing to stderr as part of
> the atexit functionality. Well, I think it might be part of a destructor
> a globally declared class, but whatever.
> The program crashes inside the call to fprintf. I thought perhaps this
> be due to SDLMain, and its habit of creating a stderr.txt for me, and then
> closing it later on. Otherwise the problem is something much more ominous.
> Does this diagnosis sound likely? If so, can anyone think of any way
> whatsoever to provide a stderr for this other library?
> -Thomas

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