[SDL] [OT]Basics about computer drawing

Celina Sienkiewicz celina_sienkiewicz at poczta.onet.pl
Sun Sep 22 14:51:01 PDT 2002

> SDL is designed to "abstract away" the difference between video cards by 
> making them all look the same to programmers. About the only differences 
> you see are in the video modes they expose. That is, the difference in 
> the size and layout of a pixel and the size of the screen. All the major 
> graphics APIs including DirectX, OpenGL, X11, MacOS, all do that. Now 
> days there are so many different video cards that trying to work with 
> each different card directly is just to much work. You wind up having to 
> write code for dozens of different cards.
> Learn to use SDL and ignore working directly with the video card. You 
> will be much happier.

I propably made wrong question, i don`t want to burn my gfx card, but i 
want learn about the rules which i have to obey when i using SDL.
For example when i am using ASCII i know why bits have that value and 
how i can effectivly change it. When i initliaize a surface i don`t know 
much more than what function i can use on this surface.

Celina Sienkiewicz

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