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Bob Pendleton bob at pendleton.com
Sun Sep 22 14:25:02 PDT 2002

Celina Sienkiewicz wrote:
> Hello, i`m a newbie, i read about SDL all faqs and docs (tutorials too) 
> what i found on net, but i haven`t found basic theory about directly 
> using the graphic card, and how the Pallets, Bitmaps, Surfaces (etc.) 
> look and why they aren`t diffrent, does anybody know where can i find 
> basic theory about it in the net?

SDL is designed to "abstract away" the difference between video cards by 
making them all look the same to programmers. About the only differences 
you see are in the video modes they expose. That is, the difference in 
the size and layout of a pixel and the size of the screen. All the major 
graphics APIs including DirectX, OpenGL, X11, MacOS, all do that. Now 
days there are so many different video cards that trying to work with 
each different card directly is just to much work. You wind up having to 
write code for dozens of different cards.

Learn to use SDL and ignore working directly with the video card. You 
will be much happier.

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