[SDL] Bugs in Qtopia/Zaurus version of the SDL?

David Hedbor david at hedbor.org
Thu Sep 19 21:20:01 PDT 2002

blachner at gmx.de writes:

> Hello,
> maybe I have found some bugs in the Qtopia version of the SDL.
> 1) If I press the middle button (The button which normally shows the
> desktop) on the Zaurus while a SDL application is running, the system freezes. Only
> reboot helps. I tested this with scumm, prboom and my own application.
> This don't happen with the games from eon, which I think also uses the sdl.
> If I press the middle button there, the normal desktop comes up. Btw. that is
> exactly what I want for my application. How is this done?

I never use SDL for graphics. A bunch of my games uses it for audio
mixing however. As for the lockup - sounds odd. I haven't seen that
happen. I'm afraid I can't tell you what the problem is
either. Possibly the games don't correctly pause they are
"iconified". But then again, that shouldn't lock things up either. 

> 2) If the num lock key is pressed _before_ a sdl application start, the num
> lock flag isn't set when a sdl key event is received by the application. But
> the code is a number key. It seems, that the Qtopia SDL don't check the state
> of the num lock key on startup. The same maybe with the caps lock key but I
> didn't check this yet.

This is how Qtopia handles events. Nothing I can do about it, and it
does no harm either. 

> 3) If I make a fork in a SDL application an start another Qtopia application
> in this fork _after_ SDL is initilized, the system freezes. If I do this
> _before_ the SDL is initialized, it works (Qtopia and SDL program start).

Perhaps this is due to the fact that SDL + audio uses threads, and
that threads + fork doesn't work very well together at all. Just a
guess though.

> If I try to quit the Qtopia program which I started in the fork via a socket
> message sent from the SDL program the system freezes too. Maybe the current
> Qtopia SDL version absolutly don't want to loose the focus and than blocks
> the keyboard?

You are doing weird things. SDL doesn't grab the keyboard (because it
didn't work), and SDL doesn't mind being hidden (but games might not
care about the active events indicating that this happens).

> 4) No bug at all, but a working SDL_WM_IconifyWindow would be nice. O.K. it
> maybe not very important for games but there are other SDL programs too,
> which maybe need a function like this. The games frome eon, for example, iconify
> when the middle button is pressed. Someone knows how this is done?

I could swear I added this but perhaps I forgot. It's not hard to do
from Qtopia. Apps, SDL or native Qtopia, has to be aware if they are
in the background however.

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