[SDL] SDL / Qtopia question

David Hedbor david at hedbor.org
Thu Sep 19 21:06:01 PDT 2002

blachner at gmx.de writes:

> Hello,
> In file SDL_sysvideo.cc from the Qtopia port of the SDL, I found the
> following:
> void QT_VideoQuit(_THIS)
> {
>     // This is dumb, but if I free this, the app doesn't exit correctly.
>     // Of course, this will leak memory if init video is done more than
> once.
>     // Sucks but such is life.
>     //    -- David Hedbor
>     //    delete SDL_Win; 
>     //    SDL_Win = 0;
>     _this->screen->pixels = NULL;
> }
> If someone working at this problem to fix it? Because, at the moment the
> only way I see to become a SDL application on Qtopia to the background /
> invisible on screen without stopping it and the normal Qtopia interface to front is
> to quit the SDL video layer. To become it back in front of the screen it can
> init the SDL video layer again (E.g. when the application becomes a message
> over a socket to come up in front again).  But for this QT_VideoQuit must
> work.

I'm sorry but this mail doesn't make sense. Are you talking about
putting the SDL application in the background, do some ordinary Qt
stuff, and then put it back in front? If so, just "iconify" the
application using SDL_WM_IconifyWindow()...

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