[SDL] OpenGL-surface + "2D-surface"

Alan Wolfe atrix2 at cox.net
Wed Sep 18 09:39:01 PDT 2002

well cant help you too much but heres a tutorial on rendering to surfaces:


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Subject: [SDL] OpenGL-surface + "2D-surface"

> I am programming a Risk-game (standard-tile 2D-game) for training
> bots, however I want to make a mini-map in the lower left corner made by
> a rendered opengl-sphere, with the map as a texture. All this I have
> already coded, however my problem is finding a way to add the
> opengl-sphere to the background-surface, which is used by a lot of
> pictures blitted onto by a blitting function and then added using
> SDL_flip. First adding the opengl-rendering the application crashed when
> using the SDL_flip. Then I found that using the bit SDL_OPENGLBLIT in the
> SDL_surface made the problem disappear. But at no time could I see the
> 2D-graphics any longer... To make it short (too late, but still) - Can I
> render an opengl-sphere with a texture on a 2D-blitted surface? ... Can i
> capture the opengl-output somewhere in the "background" and blit it onto
> the surface as 2D? .... please help!
> /DarkJedi
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