[SDL] OpenGL-surface + "2D-surface"

Arne Claus priest at seraphim.info
Wed Sep 18 08:42:02 PDT 2002

 > To make it short (too late, but still) - Can I
 > render an opengl-sphere with a texture on a 2D-blitted surface? ... Can i
 > capture the opengl-output somewhere in the "background" and blit it onto
 > the surface as 2D? .... please help!

I guess I haven't understood completely what you intend to do, but maybe
it helps if you think "the other way round".
First - I guess it's not possible to render on a surface, BUT you could
do the following: Switch over to OepnGl, meaning not drawing with SDL,
but OpenGl. Build your Main SDL_Surface as usual and than map it as a
texture on a Quad (2D Quad, no Cube, just 2 Triangles building a quad)
which fit's the entire screen. After this do the Sphere Stuff and add it
just in Front of the Quad.

To do so, I would recommend you to use an orthogonal view, because your
objects don't grow smaller in the Distance. This will be easier for the
adding of your sphere.


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