[SDL] UpdateRects sketchy

John R. Hall overcode at overcode.net
Sat Sep 14 16:24:01 PDT 2002

pchans at wm.edu wrote:
> I just started playing with SDL yesterday, and pretty quickly ran into a 
> problem with screen updates.  Calls to UpdateRect() do not always result 
> in an image being drawn on the screen.  Rather, after a number of calls 
> to UpdateRect a vaguely rectangular portion of the window/screen may be 
> updated, but not necessarily the entire portion that ought to have been 
> updated.  I am reasonably confident that my update rectangles are 
> correct, as some of the time UpdateRect() behaves as I would expect.  
> Also, in windowed mode, moving my window off the screen and back on will 
> update regions that went off the screen.
> NB:  I am using SDL 1.2 Mac OS X.

Mac OS X.2, by chance? I've observed quite a few (non-SDL related 
display glitches in Jaguar, which I speculate are due to the new Quartz 


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