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It's a very common request to want to do this under windows, though it
usually comes up because someone doesn't want to bother to do all the
work necessary to handle it properly.

In any case, the general answer is that there are more ways to switch
out of an application in Windows than you can dream about, and that
you really just need to handle things properly when it happens.

You can try to disable the ones caused by the keyboard, but it'll
probably happen anyway.


Thursday, September 12, 2002, 7:52:15 PM, sdl-admin wrote:

> Is there any way to disable window cycling ([Alt]-[Tab]) in Windows
> when my SDL app is in fullscreen mode?

> I'd like to add it as an option (e.g., "--nocycle"), so that users can't
> "get out" of the application.  (Which is a good idea, since they'll probably
> be very young children :^) )

> Thanks!

> -bill!

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