[SDL] Focus probel

Schäuble Michele mschaeuble at swissonline.ch
Sat Sep 28 09:13:01 PDT 2002


Thanks.  I'll try the easy route now :-)


>From: Arne <priest at seraphim.info>
>Reply-To: sdl at libsdl.org
>To: sdl at libsdl.org
>Subject: Re: [SDL] Mac OS X Framework Build Problem
>Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 17:07:47 +0200
>Why so complicated?
>1. Install the developer Tools
>2. Install the SDL-Devel package
>3. (there is no step 3 lol - no - now there is) Create a "SDL Application" 
>That's it.
>The SDL Package will be installed into one of your framework folders (e.g. 
>the one in your home library).
>You don't really have to compile the framework =)
>Ciao Arne
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