Arne priest at seraphim.info
Thu Sep 12 00:10:02 PDT 2002

> Not sure if this is SDL or OpenGL related, I am trying to simple rotate
> a QUAD (yes very newbie question) but am not getting the results I 
> want.
> Basically what's happening is that the QUAD is rotating around the top
> left vertex and not around the quad's center. I would like it to rotate
> around the center of the quad. This this how OpenGL works or am I doing
> something wrong? The code is as follow:

First rotate, then translate - multiplication of transformation 
matrices is not commutative (I really need a mathametical 
german-english dictionary ... =)  - meaning:

Translate -> rotate is different from rotate -> translate

You're always rotating around the center of your coordinate system. So 
if you want only your quad rotated first translate it to 0,0,0, rotate 
and after this translate back.


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