[SDL] SDL/OpenGL and texture mapping

Atrix Wolfe Atrix2 at cox.net
Wed Sep 11 20:17:01 PDT 2002

Personaly, I'd like to see TGA loading if at all possible (:

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> Eric Wing wrote:
> > Second, image formats are not necessarily OpenGL
> > ready. The easiest thing to do (and the most common
> > thing) is to use RGB or RGBA formats. However, SDL
> > surfaces are not always in this format. Without the
> > SDL_image library, SDL gives you only BMP support.
> >
> > Looking at just BMP for moment, typically, BMPs are
> > either 8-bit formats or 24-bit formats (no 32-bit).
> With this in mind, might it not be a good idea to add a TGA loading
> function to the basic SDL core library? TGA is a fairly simple format so
> it shouldn't add much to the library size, and it supports alpha/32-bit
> formats (supposedly), making it a better candidate for OpenGL users,
> unless I'm mistaken?
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