[SDL] testalpha.c and a left-handed mouse user

John Popplewell john at johnnypops.demon.co.uk
Wed Sep 11 14:14:01 PDT 2002


usually I use a unix utility called patch (the file is created
by a unix utility called diff).

If you are using windows, I can recommend UnxUtils:


there is lots of documentation all over the web about how to use
these utilities or you can try e.g. 'patch --help' in a DOS box.

This patch is small enough to apply by hand though, all changes affect
just one file src/video/windx5/SDL_dx5events.c, and each change is in
context (there are a few lines of code before and after the actual
change). In this particular case all the changes are additions i.e.
extra lines.

If the patch is any good, Sam Lantinga usually okays it and
updates the CVS version of SDL so that others can use it,


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> just one question
> how can i apply this path?
> i need some program or what?
> tks
> see ya
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> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > in win32, using the directx drivers only, the testalpha program draws a
> > yellow, alpha-blended 'light' sprite when mouse-button 1 is pressed and
> > a black rectangle if any other mouse button is pressed (including the
> > mouse wheel). This behaviour is reversed in fullscreen mode when the
> > mouse is set to left-handed.
> >
> > X Window behaves as you would expect.
> >
> > Looks like another DirectInput related problem.
> > Enclosed patch fixes it,
> >
> > cheers,
> > John. << Arquivo: left-handed-mouse-patch.diff >>

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