[SDL] SDL/OpenGL and texture mapping

Neil Griffiths n.griffiths at virgin.net
Wed Sep 11 03:38:01 PDT 2002


EW> "but it's still kind of
EW> annoying to go through and it would have been nice if
EW> SDL had written their Surface format with OpenGL in
EW> mind."

No it wouldn't. The surface "format" is a framebuffer and is the way
people have done graphics for years and years on any raster display.
Not the only way, but definitely the main way!

Having 0,0 at the bottom left isn't the normal way in graphics and I'm
certainly glad the surface format isn't done like that!

I wouldn't be against having a seperate surface type that can emulate
the OpenGL co-ordinate format, but that's a seperate issue. :)


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