[SDL] Mac OS X Linking problems

Korruptor korruptor at mac.com
Wed Sep 11 01:06:01 PDT 2002

> Is it it even possible to compile SDL programs from the command
> line? or do I have to use Project Builder?
> I'm running Mac OS X (10.1) ...and here's the command in make
> 	c++  -lSDL  -lSDL_mixer -lpthread  Program.cpp  Object1.o
> Object2.o Object3.o  -oTestProg

I may be wrong, as I rarely compile outside of project builder and I've
not done C++ with SDL yet, but you probably need to include the

-framework SDL -framework SDL_Mixer

in the command within make. This has certainly worked for the C 
projects I've compiled.

> If so, does anyone know how to login as root from the terminal?
> Whenever I try I get either "Sorry" or "Root Login not permitted on
> this Terminal".

You can enable the root user from within Netinfomanager.app, see the
"Security -> Enable root user" menu option -- when that's done you can
su to root as usual.

On some OS X installs I've had, sudo still refuses to work even with
your own password. This happened to me on my iBook, yet my TiBook was
fine. Go figure...



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