[SDL] MMX based scaling

James Turk james at conceptofzero.net
Tue Sep 10 19:31:01 PDT 2002

Sam Lantinga wrote:
>>On Mon, 2002-09-09 at 19:19, Sam Lantinga wrote:
>>>>   I am curious to know if there is any SDL compatible library that does
>>>>image scaling using MMX.
>>>Not that I know off offhand.  Are you interested in writing one?
>>Just wondering if SDL_SoftStretch() will ever become part of the SDL
>>API. As long as I've seen is necessary ATM to allow software YUV
>>scaling, so I don't think it will be removed :)
> Yep. :)  It's just not robust enough to expose as a general stretching API.
> See ya,
> 	-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment

Check out SDL_gfx:

     I believe that sdl_gfx may provide support for this, I know it has 
various MMX operations built into it, and it also has what used to be 
SDL_rotozoom.  Does anyone know if any of the stretching also utilizes 
the MMX used in the rest of the library?  (Noting that the author does 
indeed say the stretching isn't super-optimal, it may not be MMX, I dont 
have my copy of the code on hand right now, I'll check it out when I get 
back home.

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