[SDL] Minimal example of weird pointer behaviour

Matthew Bloch mattbee-sdl at soup-kitchen.net
Tue Sep 10 06:01:00 PDT 2002

On Tuesday 10 September 2002 12:50, Matthew Bloch wrote:
> Now for me the mouse pointer stays stuck to one side of the screen, and as
> I drag the mouse across the desk, there's about a 1cm distance
> corresponding to the length of the screen, and then it's stuck to the other
> side.  This happens in both X and Y directions.
> Anyone know why this happens, or what to do about it?  Experiements will
> continue apace.

Okay so I've no idea why it happens, I'm just concerned about how to fix it.  
I've not programmed to the Win32 API directly, nor DirectInput, so my 
experiments so far have been pretty random: I've tried telling DirectInput to 
use background mode access to the mouse, which results in two pointers, one 
of which moves at about 2/3rds the speed of the normal one, and seems to 
dictate the X,Y position.  The most successful experiment involved not 
telling DirectInput to even claim the mouse at all (just deleted the struct 
pointing it at handle_mouse) which got me a pointer which moved perfectly, 
but wouldn't disppear and didn't respond to clicks properly.

Any idea what the right combination of hacks might be?


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