[SDL] WinCE/GAPI support

Neil Bradley nb at synthcom.com
Mon Sep 9 10:21:04 PDT 2002

> > Is there any case where this code is desired over the existing DIB code?
> I'm not sure. I think one could use this code when developing for one
> particular machine, eg. IPaq 3630 in landscape mode, only.
> But of course that is a matter of deciding whether CVS should be repository
> of all knowledge about implementations of SDL on different platforms or a
> repository of preferred implementations.

One major advantage of having something that's SDL/CE consumable is that
porting applications becomes much, MUCH easier. Unfortunately, each
PocketPC device has its own problems when dealing with buttons (I.E. on
the 3650 series of iPaq you can't hit two buttons at once which makes
gaming almost useless).


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