[SDL] [Re] Audio Output

Alex Leduc leducale at netscape.net
Mon Sep 9 10:11:05 PDT 2002

Although I can't help you with the MFC stuff. I'm just curious about the 
code that makes the OGG files play.

Alexandre Leduc

Alex Leduc wrote:
> Hi
> I'm also presently trying to play an Ogg file with SDL on Win32. If you 
> still have that workspace, I'd like to have it please.
> Thanks
> Alexandre Leduc
> Paul Newton wrote:
>> I have got my code working with SDL audio.  I am using Visual C++ 6.0
>> The sound output is fine when I have a C program (decoder_example.c 
>> from Ogg
>> Vorbis web site).  Howver when I use the code in a GUI which I am 
>> working on
>> (using the Microsoft Foundation Classes) I get a lot of unwanted
>> interference in the playback.  Does anybody know why this should be the
>> case.  I can send someone the workspace if they want to investigate the
>> code.
>> Thanks,
>> Paul

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