[SDL] WinCE/GAPI support

Huib-Jan Imbens hj at imbens.nl
Mon Sep 9 02:31:00 PDT 2002

> Is there any case where this code is desired over the existing DIB code?

I'm not sure. I think one could use this code when developing for one
particular machine, eg. IPaq 3630 in landscape mode, only.

I wrote the code because I had seen the question about gapi support a couple
of times on the mailing list and I was wondering myself whether it would
give a big performance boost. If you put it in CVS but don't enable it by
default then anyone can decide for himself whether to use it or not.

But of course that is a matter of deciding whether CVS should be repository
of all knowledge about implementations of SDL on different platforms or a
repository of preferred implementations.


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> > About a month ago I submitted
> >  http://www.libsdl.org/pipermail/sdl/2002-August/048184.html ) a patch,
> > I received no response at all, so I assume it has not made it into CVS.
> I have not added it to CVS because:
> "The code is not very efficient and I have not seen performance benefits."
> Is there any case where this code is desired over the existing DIB code?
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