[SDL] 2D rendering poll, status + addition

David Olofson david.olofson at reologica.se
Wed Sep 25 04:35:01 PDT 2002

On Sun, Sep 08, 2002 at 07:10:20AM -0700, Paul Smith wrote:
> Is there any support in SDL (either currently or
> planned) for force feedback devices, including the
> vibration function of the PS2 pads?

None currently, none in the future unless and until such support becomes
part of the standard API, which I believe is currently not the case.  SDL
is an interface, not a driver - it provides only what the underlying
drivers provide.

> Also, testjoystick misses one of the analog sticks and
> 2 of the buttons, is this because they are reported to
> linux strangely, or is it a problem with SDL, or is it
> that SDL won't support controllers with 2 sticks
> (effectively 4 axes) because they are comparatively
> rare, and SDL wants to remain portable?

I have a PS2-like pad (AxisPad) which reports one three analog sticks (one
of which is actually digital) and 20 buttons.  It actually has 12 buttons
and a switch (button 19) which is used by the win32 drivers for button
mapping and programming.

I'd guess this is a Linux-side problem, not SDL.

> If I can use the vibration function and the second
> stick and the 2 'analog buttons' through SDL, I'd like
> to, otherwise I'll have to add support through
> non-portable code, which I'm trying to avoid right
> now.
> I only wish my developing skills were good enough for
> me to submit code to the CVS to support such things :)

As I said, I think the problem is Linux-side anyway.  I don't have any
analog buttons here, but my USB device works great.  I've not yet tried
one of the USB PSX/PS2 controller adapters in Linux, but they should work
if they provide standard USB HID joysticks.  The thing is, they probably
do not.  =(

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