[SDL] Strange problem with mouse pointer detection

Matthew Bloch matthew at bytemark.co.uk
Sun Sep 8 17:10:00 PDT 2002

On Saturday 07 September 2002 03:22, Sam Lantinga wrote:
> > Is there any way to get it to not use DirectInput, or is that part &
> > parcel of the DirectX backend?  Should I just issue calls to the Win32
> > API to read the mouse pointer position myself?
> Well, you should probably find out if it really is DirectX that's the
> problem, first. :)

*gulp*  Actually your saying that reminds me why I never test the game in 
full-screen mode under 2000-- I get exactly that "stuck to the sides" effect.  
I have to move the mouse hard to the right to get it to move off the 
left-hand side, but then it's only moved about a 3 millimetres before the 
pointer is stuck to the right-hand side.  For some reason I didn't think this 
was the same problem as they were having with the touch-screen.  Shit shit 
shit, talk about blinding yourself to the truth :-)  I still have no idea why 
it does this, though.

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