[SDL] gamma bug? Need testers.

José Luis Sánchez wizord at mi.madritel.es
Sun Sep 8 09:11:00 PDT 2002

"Ryan C. Gordon" <icculus at clutteredmind.org> escribió:

> I need some X11 users to try the following program; there's either a bug
> in SDL or a bug in my old-but-not-stable-branch XFree86 setup.
> Basically, SDL_SetGamma() doesn't work if you create an X11 window. If you
> create a fullscreen window first, though, it does. Can someone verify this
> behaviour for me?  Thanks.

System: linux 2.4.19, X 4.1.0, SDL 1.2.4, WM: AfterStep (no gnome/kde).
Hardware: Athlon 850, Riva TNT2 (nVidia drivers rev. 29.60)

Results: On windowed mode, all was fine.  No error messages, gamma actually
changed as expected (seen on desktop decorations).
On fullscreen mode, it _appears_ to go well, as no error messages appeared, but
it's a bit hardy to distinguish gamma changes on a black screen :-)


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