[SDL] SDL/win32 incompatible with fprintf(stderr,...) atexit?

Thomas Harte ThomasHarte
Sat Sep 21 13:06:01 PDT 2002

Hello José,

JLS> Could you please note fork() is not the same as creating threads?

You don't say? ;)

I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing a fork() in Win32 - but I
suspect it could be done with the clever use of function pointers. I
would imagine that at least somebody has gotten fork() working on
Win32 before - like the people who wrote the Perl interpreter for
Win32. I haven't tried, but I would imagine they'd need to get fork()

If nothing else, I imagine doing it by using a bit of assembly. You'd
have to use stdcall then, but then at least you could "pop eax" and
you'd have the address of the location where you'd be using fork().
Creating a thread based on that address then. And remembering to push
it back on before returning. ;)

Anyway, I'll be looking into it at the weekend.


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