[SDL] SDL_net and socketpair

Francesco Orsenigo xarvh at lombardiacom.it
Fri Sep 6 00:22:01 PDT 2002

José Luis Sánchez:
> This is the reason socketpair has sense only under Unix platforms.  Windows
> doesn't support fork.
> I mean, using Windows you can spawn a child process, but there's no way for
> the child process to inherit nor use the file descriptors from its parent.
Even pipe() is useless?
I'll have a try with mingw...

> Again, if you're concerned about speed (and admitely the Windows TCP stack
> isn't by any means optimized for speed) you might consider the use of
> shared memory.  There are several multiplatform libraries for managing
> shared memory out there.

Mmmh... is not my case.
I think w32 users will have to launch client and dedicated server separately, 
at least for now.

Thank you very much,

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