[SDL] Tux Paint 2002.09.19 available

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Thu Sep 19 10:57:01 PDT 2002

Neil Griffiths wrote:
> Thinking further, it might be of benefit of putting a socketpair()
> into SDL_net just for people, like Francesco, who want to use it -
> and using my suggested fix so that it would work on Windows. I
> don't know whether MacOS or BeOS supports the call, I suspect BeOS
> and Mac OS X would though...

Lets step back and think about this for a moment. I see why you would 
want to use socketpair for the application that was mentioned. But, is 
this really something to add to SDL_net? Or, should we be thinking about 
an new library, SDL_process, that provides the functionality of fork, 
exec, popen, and interprocess communication? I think we could come up 
with a small set of APIs that are both portable and cover the need to 
create processes and communicate with them. I guess what I'm saying is 
that there isn't much point in having a portable version of socketpair 
if there isn't a portable fork or popen or what not.

Personally, I would prefer an API like popen that gives me a 
bidirectional connection to the new process. I know how to do that with 
standard Unix APIs, but it would be so nice to have one simple API to do 
the job.

		Bob Pendleton

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