[SDL] How to draw text in some determined area, doing auto wrap

nbs nbs at sonic.net
Thu Sep 5 14:32:01 PDT 2002

On Thu, Sep 05, 2002 at 02:19:03PM -0700, Charles Wardlaw wrote:
> >    PS: We use python+SDL and pygame. So solutions using them are
> > preferable :)
> Well, the only real way to do this is manually by calculating how many
> characters can fit into a rectangle.  I'll tell you now: skip the TTF
> font stuff and use monospace bitmap fonts.  Non-monospace fonts require
> a bit more calculation.

Well, kinda.  If you use proportionally-spaced fonts, you can just use
SDL_TTF to render one word at a time:


For each word, examine whether we'll be going off the edge if we draw that
word at the current cursor position.  If not, draw the word, and move
the cursor's X position over that far.

If it will, first reset the cursor's X position to the left edge,
and move the cursor's Y position down one line.  THEN draw the word,
and move the cursor's X position over that far.

The one special case is when a SINGLE particular word is too long to
fit on one line:

  supercalifragolisticexpialadocious        [no idea how to spell that ;^) ]

In that case, you could have some 'special case' where it then draws the
word one letter at a time, and breaks it up when one of the LETTERS would
be past the right edge.

The difference between doing this 'one word at a time' word-wrap vs.
just blitting the entire word is how many times you blit.
(Once you've blit a word, you WILL end up using it, unless you've gone
below the _bottom_ boundary of where you want your text to go...
then you're just screwed! :) )

If you don't think your text will be longer than one line _most_ of the
time, you can just render it all as one sentence first:

  The quick brown fox.

If that's too wide to fit, THEN you try doing it one.. word.. at.. a.. time.


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