[SDL] SDL_net and socketpair

José Luis Sánchez wizord at mi.madritel.es
Thu Sep 5 13:37:01 PDT 2002

Francesco Orsenigo <xarvh at lombardiacom.it> escribió:

> I can socketpair(), fork() and then send() and recv() data back and forth 
> between parent and child.

This is the reason socketpair has sense only under Unix platforms.  Windows
doesn't support fork.

I mean, using Windows you can spawn a child process, but there's no way for the
child process to inherit nor use the file descriptors from its parent.

Again, if you're concerned about speed (and admitely the Windows TCP stack
isn't by any means optimized for speed) you might consider the use of shared
memory.  There are several multiplatform libraries for managing shared memory
out there.


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