[SDL] sdl inside gdb

Ariel Manzur listas at anime.com.ar
Wed Sep 18 17:26:01 PDT 2002


JLS> Sorry but your point is not valid.  socketpair is generally supported by a
JLS> special system call that does all the job.  As the sockets aren't really of TCP
JLS> domain, there is no need for listen, connect etc. and the kernel doesn't do it
JLS> either.

Then it's not just socketpair() that's wanted, but that wasn't the
question. And my point was perfectly valid. You still need to use
socket() to create a socket, socketpair() creates a pair of sockets
for you. You need to pass across the type of data (TCP, Datagram etc)
for both functions. So my point is valid and you generally don't have
one at all. ;) I was using connect(), listen etc as examples of there
being no difference between calling socket() twice and using

As reference for socketpair():


JLS> Having said that, there's only a marginal speed difference between socketpair
JLS> and their socket/listen/connect counterparts using AF_UNIX domain.

Yes, I know. The overhead IS going to be calling socket() twice,
although this would be done by the system underneath the hood when
using socketpair() instead of the programmer themselves.


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