[SDL] OpenGL-surface + "2D-surface"

Andreas Schou Vaerge andreas at cs.auc.dk
Wed Sep 18 04:21:01 PDT 2002

Addmittedly it isn't exhaustive, but:

find ../SDL12 -type f -name '*.c' -print0 | xargs --null grep \
 SDL_SetError | sed -e 's/^.*SDL_SetError *(//' -e 's/);.*$//' | sort -u

...generates a pretty good list.  ;)

Having worked on localized versions of software, I do think that making
a easily translatable table of error messages (that is somehow
expandable by SDL libs, such as SMPEG) may be useful.  I could look into
this (as a possible API extension for SDL 1.3) at some later time if
people think it is really important?


On Thu, 2002-09-05 at 08:16, Sam Lantinga wrote:
> > Hi,
> > where can I find the list of SDL error messages ?
> Poking through the code. :)
> There's no fixed list, errors are added as needed.

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