[SDL] SDL_net and socketpair

Francesco Orsenigo xarvh at lombardiacom.it
Thu Sep 5 04:24:01 PDT 2002

José Luis Sánchez:

> Socketpair returns both socket descriptors, and is commonly followed by a
> fork().  It serves as a commodity replacement for all the above (i.e. open
> listen socket, open client socket, etc.) when the connection will take
> place on a single machine,
Exactly what i do.
I use it for the "Create Game" feature of my game.
It is quite useful if you don't want the host user to start both client and 
dedicated server....
Why SDL_net has not such feature?
Should be useful to lots of game programmers...

Creating the 2 sockets with listen, accept and connect, may take several 
seconds, is more complex and more likely to fail... socketpair() is much more 

Francesco Orsenigo, Xarvh Project

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