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On Tuesday 03 September 2002 17:20, Pete Shinners wrote:
> Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> > I attempt to use TTF_Initialized (a global variable representing
> > whether or not the SDL_TTF library is initialised or not, declared as a
> > static int in SDL_ttf.c) in the constructor of my TTFont class, to
> > determine whether or not the SDL_TTF library is initialised or not. I
> > declare it as extern in the header for my TTFont class.
> you're stuck here. there's nothing you can do if you want access to this
> variable. because the variable is declared "static int TTF_initialized =
> 0;" this means it is 'private' to the SDL_ttf.c source, there's no way
> for you to access it from your own program.
> now you can safely call TTF_Init() multiple times and there will be no
> problems. you can call TTF_Quit() multiple times too and it will not die,
> but the first call to TTF_Quit will really uninitialize the library, so
> any other code that still thinks it has initialized the library will
> surely cause trouble.
> SDL has a "SDL_WasInit" function, here is a patch to add a similar
> "TTF_WasInit" function. hopefully you'll see it in the next release.

- From a design POV I think it would be better to use TTF_initialized as a 
counter of how often TTF_Init() has been called, then only shutting down 
when the counter reaches 0 again.
This way, you'll have to remember whether TTF was init when you started up 
so you'll know whether to call the Quit function or not.

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