[SDL] cityscape 0.0.4 released

William Robinson airbaggins at ntlworld.com
Sat Sep 14 02:46:02 PDT 2002

> > We'd like to get SDL_VIDEORESIZE every time the size of the
> > window is changed. But, since SDL_VideoSurface never changes,
> Ah, but you need to respond to the resize message by setting
> the video mode to the new width and height.

Ah, sorry about that. It's even in the doc, now that I
look at it again. It just never occurred to me that I'd
have to call something like SetVideoMode() when just
resizing a window. I called glViewPort(), etc, as usual.
And everything worked. Until I started wondering why it
failed in some cases...

Shouldn't yell "bug!" too often. ;-)

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