[SDL] SDL and Qtopia's grabKeyboard

David Hedbor david at hedbor.org
Mon Sep 2 11:18:00 PDT 2002

"Cliff L. Biffle" <cbiffle at safety.net> writes:

> In my testing with Opie, grabbing and ungrabbing the keyboard works reliably, 
> at least through qcop.  Perhaps this is one of the issues that the Opie team 
> has fixed.  (Opie is a fork of Qtopia.)
> Is there a compile-time option to control this behavior?  i.e. could I build a 
> copy of libSDL that grabbed the keyboard?

No, you can't but since I now have a working work-around for this, I
am going to add it. Note that it seems to work fine if you don't use
fullscreen mode (for example). All my games work with the "grab right
before ungrabbing" workaround (but don't work without it). 

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