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Maruri Leire LMaruri at ikerlan.es
Thu Sep 12 01:19:00 PDT 2002

On Monday 02 September 2002 03:13, Robert Clayton wrote:
> I really like Lua.  I'm using it as the scripting embedder for writing
> events in our games.
> I understand that the garbage collection method (mark and sweep) isn't
> great for games, but I really haven't had a problem.

>From experience: don't *ever* use an automatic, garbage-collected runtime for 
a game.  I've spent many painful hours with Ruby trying to stop it from 
messing up my frame rate and only partially succeeded, much as I love the 
language for other jobs.  Once you've built your foundation on such a runtime 
there's very little you can do about it when you notice your game jerks every 
few frames.  Mark and sweep garbage collection involves forgetting about 
memory that you've allocated and every so often traversing an enormous tree 
of pointers to reclaim some memory.  If you don't do it, or delay it much, 
your program will run out of memory.  Do it as often as the language wants, 
and you'll never get a consistent frame rate.  There's also nothing you can 
do to interrupt it-- once the recovery algorithm starts it must run to 
completion or start from scratch.

Python uses reference counting to automatically free memory, and so the work 
of reclaiming memory is spread evenly over execution, rather than 
concentrated into long lumps as with GC.  See:


For how one software house's story.  This has been a public information 
broadcast from someone who's learnt his lesson with garbage collection and 
games :)  I'd be intereseted to know if anyone has used a GC as the sole 
storage solution for a game, or whether (as many people do) it's just used as 
a backstop between levels to tidy up loose ends.

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