[SDL] I Need a Game Interpreter

Tony Leotta tonyl at madscifi.com
Sun Sep 1 17:57:01 PDT 2002

Hi Gang,

I want to build a bunch (like 3-4) games for a web-site I am creating...

I thought of using SDL...and creating some simple games that could be
cross platform....

Anyway...what I want to do is code most of the game logic using and
interpreter that way I can create more than one game using the same

Does anyone have any recommendations?

What you give me the best bang for the buck?

I like Vb Script...but that is Microsoft....what other language is as
nice as VB Script...but will run on different platforms...?

Also I need something that will export/import variables (marshal)
between the interpreter and C++.



VB Script has a nice way to declare Classes...

I wonder if PHP would work?

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