[SDL] compi

lorayin lorayin at viatech.com.cn
Tue Sep 10 21:43:08 PDT 2002

Dear all,
	When I compile SDL1.2 under redhat 7.3, there are some errors occur
about the part of alsa,such as "SND_PCM_SFMT_U8 undeclared",
"snd_pcm_channel_params_t undeclared" and etc.
  My alsa version is 0.9.0, maybe the errors is due to the unmatched 
version. But the old version of alsa such as 0.5.0 does not match the redhat7.3 with 
the linux kernel 2.4.18. 
	If someone can tell me what Linux kernel version and ALSA version 
match SDL1.2? 

yours lorayin

E:	lorayin at viatech.com.cn

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