[SDL] Minimal example of weird pointer behaviour

Matthew Bloch mattbee-sdl at soup-kitchen.net
Tue Sep 10 04:37:01 PDT 2002

Can anyone with a Windows 2000 box to hand confirm the weird pointer behaviour 
I've seen?  This short test program demonstrates it (you man need to change 
the #include or WinMain declaration, I just picked the first set of options 
taht worked with my cross-compiler setup):

#include "SDL/SDL.h"

int WinMain(int argc, char **argv)
    int quit = 0;
    SDL_SetVideoMode(640, 480, 16, SDL_FULLSCREEN);
    while (!quit)
        SDL_Event event;
        while (SDL_PollEvent(&event))
            switch (event.type)
                case SDL_MOUSEBUTTONDOWN:
                	quit = 1;

Now for me the mouse pointer stays stuck to one side of the screen, and as I 
drag the mouse across the desk, there's about a 1cm distance corresponding to 
the length of the screen, and then it's stuck to the other side.  This 
happens in both X and Y directions.

Anyone know why this happens, or what to do about it?  Experiements will 
continue apace.

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