[SDL] PS2 controllers.

Paul Smith googoodolls_uk at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 8 07:11:00 PDT 2002

Is there any support in SDL (either currently or
planned) for force feedback devices, including the
vibration function of the PS2 pads?

Also, testjoystick misses one of the analog sticks and
2 of the buttons, is this because they are reported to
linux strangely, or is it a problem with SDL, or is it
that SDL won't support controllers with 2 sticks
(effectively 4 axes) because they are comparatively
rare, and SDL wants to remain portable?

If I can use the vibration function and the second
stick and the 2 'analog buttons' through SDL, I'd like
to, otherwise I'll have to add support through
non-portable code, which I'm trying to avoid right

I only wish my developing skills were good enough for
me to submit code to the CVS to support such things :)


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