[SDL] Strange problem with mouse pointer detection

Matthew Bloch mattbee-sdl at soup-kitchen.net
Fri Sep 6 07:21:01 PDT 2002

Hi there;

I'm using SDL 1.2.4 in an environment with a touch screen: 800x600x32 video 
display.  It's actually being used via Ruby and the RUDL library but that's a 
very thin layer which I can see is doing the right thing.

The problem I'm seeing concerns the times when MOUSEBUTTONDOWN events come 
through: on Windows NT terminals, everything works as expected.  Under 
Windows 2000, the touches are detected wrongly: most of them come through to 
the program with either the X or Y co-ordinates set to 0 or 799 (X) or 599 
(Y), as if the user is consistently poking at one edge of the screen (they're 
not, I'm assured).

I've not got physical access to the machine where this happens, and I cannot 
duplicate it on my own Linux, Windows 2000 Pro, NT4, XP or 98 setups.  I 
suspect that it's the fault of the touch-screen drivers, but it's still my 
problem in that "well all the other games work on this terminal, why doesn't 

So assuming nobody recognises the problem, Is there some way in the SDL API 
that I can read the mouse co-ordinates through a different native API?  Any 
other suggested hacks?


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