[SDL] Polling events for different subsystems

Mike Machuidel machuidel at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 2 00:06:03 PDT 2002

Hello all,

Currently I'm working on a (not yet open-source) cross
platform gaming engine.
I've made different subsystems for video, audio and
not depending on any multimedia library such as SDL
and DirectX.

The problem occure when writing the subsystems using
what I want is to poll events separately for each
(while syncing with a timer of course) and I'm not
sure how
to do that the right way?

It's important that the SDL events are not being
at the main loop to keep it independent of using SDL.
I already polled events in each SDL subsystem, but it
didn't work as expected.

What I don't understand is, there is the possibility
to initialize
and unitialize subsystems separately, so I assume it's
also possible
to poll events separately for each subsystem.

My questions are:
- How to poll events for different subsystems?
- How to sync the different subsystems with a timer 
(Not a SDL question I assume) the right way?

Thanks in advance,

Mike Machuidel

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