[SDL] display surface for specified amount of time

Nathan Cournia acnatha at vr.clemson.edu
Sun Sep 1 14:04:00 PDT 2002

Take a look at:


There is alot of eyetracking/human visual system software there.  It's
GTK/OpenGL based.  But it shouldn't be too bad to port to SDL.


On Fri, 2002-08-30 at 20:13, todd gureckis wrote:
> hi,
> i am interested in using sdl for collecting human data in experiments on 
> vision.  i need a way
> to display an image on a computer screen for a specified amount of time 
> (in milliseconds with just + or - a few millisecond error)  and be 
> confident that nowhere in that time will a partial frame be shown on the 
> screen (sync to the vertical refresh of the monitor).  i also need a way 
> to a quickly as possible change the image on the screen after a keypress 
> on the keyboard.  is SDL well suited for this purpose?
> i think that double buffering and using a SDL_HWSURFACE is the first 
> idea and from what i have read the blitsurface command syncs to the 
> vertical refresh of the monitor.  can the SDL timers work to get me the 
> kind of timing accuracy i am discussing here?  what is the temporal 
> resolution of capturing a keypress and updating the display surface in 
> memory for most hardware?
> does anyone know of a way to gauge what these timings are for a 
> particular system?
> thanks for any advice,
> todd
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